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Secrets of the Strawberry slot machine

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Secrets of the Strawberry slot machine
Fruit Cocktail slot, or as it was called by the players, "Strawberries", was one of the most successful slot machines of its time. This is a classic "fruit" machine, directly continuing the idea of slot machines from casinos in Las Vegas and Monaco. Perhaps that was why it was so valuable. But everything flows, everything changes – and today "Strawberry" is already largely outdated. Its demo version is no longer supported on our site. But instead, we are happy to offer you new popular slot machines! For example, read about the secrets of the Playboy slot machine and discover its secrets and features. The slot was created based on the design of the most popular men's magazine in the world.

Since the appearance of classic slot machines in the network, they have not lost their popularity for a second. Today we will present to your attention one of the representatives of this segment of gambling entertainment – Strawberry online slot machine, which also has the English name fruit cocktail.

Strawberry Slot

Start of the game Strawberry
Immediately consider the structure of the slot. So, Strawberries online is a classic 5-reel slot with 9 paylines. In addition, the developers of the slot machine have included a bonus round, a doubling game and a Wild symbol. As a rule, in most gambling establishments, in order to participate in games, you need to go through the tedious way of registration. On our website, everyone can play Strawberries for free and without registration.

Strawberry slot machine for free without registration

Before clicking on the "Start" button, the player must decide on the size of the bet, as well as the number of paylines that will participate in the game. After all the preparations are completed, you can start spinning the reels, after which the user will be able to see if he won anything in the Strawberry slot machine. It is worth noting that all winning combinations in the slot must consist of the same symbols.

Doubling game
So, you started playing the Strawberry slot machine and collected a certain winning combination. Even if the payout is the lowest, the player has the full right to double their legal winnings. To do this, you need to run the risk game. Thus, a new screen will appear in front of the player, where the user will see five cards, four of which will be hidden from his eyes. In order for your Fruit Cocktail game to give a positive result, you need to open a card that is older than the open one. It is noteworthy that even the smallest win can be turned into a very significant amount, since you can play for double as much as the player's heart desires. And if you play Strawberry for free, you will not have to risk your own funds - in this game mode, you only manage virtual loans.

Bonus game
As noted earlier, fruit cocktail online slot machine has a bonus game that takes place on a separate screen. At the same time, on the screen of the game machine, the user will observe three reels on which various symbols will be located, each of which will have its own multiplication factor. It is worth noting that this bonus game, presented in any online casino, is a win-win, because regardless of its outcome, the initial winnings of the user are credited to the account of the latter.

Reasons why you should play Strawberries
There are several reasons why this slot is so popular. First, you can play for free on our site. Secondly, the slot does not differ in complex rules and interface. Third, the slot machine is available to all users, including without registration, for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Fourth, there are several quite profitable bonus games on Board the slot machine. Fifth, the presence of a wild symbol makes the game even more profitable. This news is especially good for those customers who have started playing for real money.

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